PRTG Network Monitoring Tool

Scalable monitoring for large IT infrastructures

One solution, many benefits. PRTG brings the advantage of over 20 years of monitoring experience into the industrial environment. 

Did you know that PRTG provides special sensors for IT in sectors like healthcare, industrial, government or education?

Learn more about how PRTG can help you meet the challenges and requirements of each sector.




With its extended OT capabilities, PRTG fills in a gap that exists between industrial and vendor-specific SCADA systems with their focus on process data and classic IT solutions that do not reach into the OT world at all. 

PRTG is an IT monitoring solution offering native sensors to integrate devices from the OT world in an unified monitoring application addressing the need for IT/OT convergence within one product.


  • Fair Licensing – all licenses include the entire PRTG feature

  • set. No add-ons, no hidden costs, excellent value

  • Ready-made features included: NetFlow, IP-SLA,

  • VMware Monitoring, MS Exchange; more than

  • 250 configured sensors

  • Native sensors for monitoring IIoT, IoT and OT devices via

  • MQTT, OPC UA and Modbus TCP

  • Broad access to industrial protocols via IoT gateways from

  • selected partners and a growing set of templates

  • Cross-vendor monitoring solution

  • From shop floor to ERP - all systems at a glance

  • Multi-tenant ready

  • Custom Dashboards with defined privileges for

  • each user group

  • Free mobile apps

  • Unlimited distributed monitoring included in every license

For Admin 

One solution for the monitoring of the entire classical IT, OT, and IIoT devices
Personalization: Custom sensors, user friendly web interface, individual maps / dashboards, API, multi-tenant features
Usability: Easy implementation, clean & easy, mobile apps,
customizable notifications.

Reports infrastructure availability (e.g. website, business
critical applications etc.)

Ensures cost effective and efficient IT/OT operations
(monitoring of availability and utilization – everything that’s

needed in one package)

No hidden cost