Why HP Renew Products?

HPE Renew products are covered by the same full HPE warranty offered with new HP products starting from the date of purchase after passing HPE's stringent quality tests. HP warranty guarantees the product's quality and reliability.
Additional service and support options are available to complement the original HPE product warranty. HP Renew can add this below.

HPE Renew is not second hand. 80% of HPE Renew's enterprise portfolio comes from the products which was loan to HP customers as demonstration units.

There are so many pluses by going for HPE Renew.

Less money spent = More value return, as HPE Renew guarantees you buy the products much cheaper than new. Most important you get certified quality from HPE - YES from HPE, and not any third party IT company. This ensures you get the same and full support from HPE. With this, you are ensured full warranty coverage on HPE Renew, same as new. There is a wide range of products from HP Renew and this means a broad range for HPE solutions! And yes, you are doing your part to help the world – by being ECO-FRIENDLY and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Start with HPE Renew Today!

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